Week Dates Topic Brief Description For Pre-requisites
19 - 21 Jun Advanced Android Application Development
- 3 days
Learn how to create Android Application using custom UI, UX patterns, Best practices for UIUX/data/performance, connectivity features, Web services and many more. At the end upload on Google Play. Professionals and Beginners Basic Android Application Development concepts, Skilled on Java.
19 - 21 Jun Introduction to JPA and Hibernate
- 3 days
Introduction to ORM, Introduction to JPA, Defining entities, defining configurations, understanding relationships, mapping techniques, understaning query language, Introduction to Hibernate, comparing JPA and Hibernate, examples using Hibernate. Beginners and Freshers Knowledge of Core java.
26 - 30 Jun Understanding and working with Spring framework
- 5 days
Introduction to Spring framework version 3.0, Spring configuration, Defining beans, Collections and Properties, Dependency Injection (Inversion of Control), AOP, Pointcuts, Introduction to Spring DAO, Spring MVC and Spring Webflow Programmers with min 3 years of experience Thorough understanding of Core and Advanced Java.
26 - 28 Jun HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Frameworks
- 3 days
Enhancing web page experience using HTML5 and CSS3. Advanced JavaScript Frameworks for web and graphics/gaming and use cases for AJAX, jQuery, Node.JS, AngularJS, jQuery UI, WebGL, etc. Professionals and Beginners Basic usages of HTML, CSS. JavaScript fundamentals.
03 Jul - 07 Jul SOA and Webservices
- 5 days
Introduction SOA, SOA components, Service Composition, Service Reusability, Introduction to SOMF disciplines and Models, Designing and using a service, choosing the right protocol. Examples using SOAP, JAX-WS and JAX-RS Programmers with min 3 years of experience Thorough understanding of Core and Advanced Java
04 - 05 Jul UI/UX Design Principles and Practices for Mobile and Web Apps
- 2 days
UI versus UX. Principles of UX design. Concepts and theories. Use case scenarios and Implementation challenges. Case studies for Mobile and Web. Professionals and Beginners -
10 - 12 Jul Android Middleware and Porting
- 3 days
Understanding Android Framework, middleware concepts and functioning, JNI, Binder, native services, daemons, graphics, media, RIL, etc. Debugging techniques and practices (systrace, TraceView, adb tools, meminfo, MAT). Porting Android on reference hardware (e.g. Beagle/ Panda/ Arduino/ Raspberry Pi) Professionals Android Fundamentals.
17 - 19 Jul 2D and 3D Game Development essentials using Unity 4.5
- 3 days
2D and 3D Game Development essentials using Unity 4.5 - developing PreFabs, importing models, Applying game settings, HuD, Level design, Implementing Game AI, Storage and UI. Professionals and Beginners JavaScript or C#.
25 - 26 Jul Android Testing Practices
- 2 days
Instrumentation Framework, JUnit classes, App / Framework components testing, Mock Objects testing, Script-based testing Professionals Testing Fundamentals.
31 Jul - 02 Aug Cross-platform Smartphone Applications Development
- 3days
HTML5 and JavaScript-based tool kits for cross-platform smartphone Apps development using PhoneGap / Sencha Touch / jQuery Mobile / Titanium etc. Professionals & Beginners HTML5, JavaScript
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  • Our experience with Amplify has been extremely satisfying and we surely would look at the possibility of a long association. A special mention about Avneesh who has played his part to perfection.

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  • The feedback score for XML and XSLT Training conducted on 7th and 8th Dec, 07 is 35.44 / 45. Our target is 35 points for External faculties, which means you are above the target. Congratulations!! Your efforts & hardwork for the same is appreciated.

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